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Mere Mortal 12" available now!

New from QCHQ.. North American buyers can save some dough and order from Painkiller!

MERE MORTAL have arrived! With members hailing from various parts of England, their debut MLP Tartarus, harkens back to the raw sound and atmosphere of the often under-rated UK Thrash Metal scene, with many listeners noticing a distinct similarity in vocalist Liam Fox's approach to that of Benediction-era Barney Greenway, as well as Bolt Thrower's beloved Karl Willetts. Permeated with the darkness, intensity and authority of those forbearers, Fox conjures images of apocalyptic death and despair, leading the charge of MERE MORTAL's thrash assault. Behind him bassist Tom Pimlott, drummer Adam Rogers, and guitarists Maegan Brooks and Joe Sam Williams charge ahead with a sound that remains equally close to the UK - evoking memories of bands like Virus, Sabbat, Hellbastard, and Sacrilege. Like so many of their progenitors, the members of MERE MORTAL began their musical journeys in the punk scene, and that level of urgency and directness is able to inform their approach to Tartarus, with songs kept brief, direct, and precise. MERE MORTAL's Tartarus is a fine tuned and deadly sharp assault on the once again thriving thrash metal scene.

Posted on November 22nd, 2018
New distro releases!

Just got in a little batch of the new Beach Impediment releases, have at em!

Posted on November 1st, 2018
New from QCHQ!

In an effort to get their records cheaper to US buyers, we now carry (almost) all of QCHQ's releases. Wholesale is also available, just drop us a line. Here's the newest release...

QCHQ-053: JELLICOE & WOODBURY - Doubt/Fear 7"
These back to back belters reference the style of hardcore punk that calls out in bloody protest, harkening Insane Youth’s ‘Not Give a Damn’ and Anti-Cimex’s ‘Scandinavian Jawbreaker’. The dogs snarl without mercy or respite offering soaring solos, a bleak outlook, a big bass tone and pummelling drums. Over exhilarating guitar density and hoarse bark, Jellicoe and Woodbury chase, dismantle, and advocate obliteration of mankind.

Jellicoe and Woodbury are the twin dogs of Doubt and Fear, a poetic interpretation of James Joyce’s 'Ulysses', where dogs seemingly are ready to attack at any moment, based on Joyce’s well known fear of dogs. Doubt and Fear channel 'Ulysses' through a Bastard ‘Wind of Pain’ like lens. These self-created monsters use capitalism to keep us afraid to really move forward in life, and scared to connect with each other. They chase us back and 'breath down our neck’.

Recorded in Toronto by some weathered but familiar statues in the Toronto punk community. To compliment the style, as well as the in depth and swirling world of these characters, legendary Japanese hardcore punk artist Sugi has manifested these two dramatic tracks for the front cover of the record.

Posted on September 18th, 2018
New releases - Summer 2018!

After many delays and setbacks we have two new releases!


11 years after their classic debut, WASTE MANAGEMENT return with their first ever full-length offering. An expanded version of their original vision, still indebted to nothing more or less than classic hardcore. 11 blasts of power “the old way”.


Debut 8-track EP from Toronto hardcores PURE PRESSURE. Members of VIOLENT FUTURE, S.H.I.T., SIYAHKAL, PROTRUDERS playing raging hardcore pulling from pre-Roadrunner era NYHC favorites (because they just made it better then). Thrashing speedcore and screaming vocals ala No Thanks crash into Victim in Pain style breakdowns with plenty of other noticeable reference points (SOIA 7”/Life’s Blood/Side By Side). Lyrics that address the nightmares of today because the 80’s are dead.

We also dug up some leftover colored vinyl copies of a few records (Innumerable Forms/Blessed Offal LP, NYC Headhunters 7", Arms Race first 7"), and heavily discounted almost all of our releases from 2016 and earlier.

Store/distro/wholesale orders -

Posted on September 5th, 2018
The Beast is back for 2018!

2017 was a bit of a quiet year here at PKRHQ so we're starting the new year off with a bang with a new 4-song 7" from Arms Race, which is now available. Also look for Arms Race on a short US tour around Damaged City fest in April.

Also we've finally moved out of the stone age and almost all of our releases -- and a lot of related ones -- are now available on your favorite digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc).

Upcoming 2018 releases:

Pure Pressure 7" (new Toronto band with members of SHIT)

Deadlock 7" (Trans-Atlantic harDCore style)

Waste Management - Tried And True 12"

Posted on January 16th, 2018