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PKR-048: OUT COLD - A Heated Display LP

The final recordings from Out Cold. These tracks were begun in 2005 shortly after the release of their "Goodbye Cruel World" LP, but after a long and tumultuous ride, were not finished until 2012. After the untimely passing of long-time singer Mark Sheehan, the master tapes fell to the wayside, presumed to be lost. The session was eventually rescued from the abyss by engineer David Minehan, and original frontman Kevin Mertens was brought in to lay down vocals. Half of the session's 28 tracks are represented here -- 14 songs, in a scant 20 minutes -- in the typical no-frills hardcore fashion that Out Cold perfected over their career.

We at Painkiller Records are proud to have helped bring this record to its completion. Produced by the legendary Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, Richard Hell, etc).