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V/A Bloodstains Across Virginia LP

Fifteen essential punk rock blasts from the state of Virginia! 100% killer and rare punk released between '78 and '83, the vast majority of which has never been reissued or comped. Tracks from The Zits, Prevaricators, Lamour, Noys, Barriers, Beex, Insinuations, Naros, Chumps, Citizen 23, Raticals, Next of Kin, and Ricky & The White Boys. A state-wide smash and highly worthy addition to the Bloodstains series! Limited to 500.

Zits - Beat Your Face
Prevaricators - I'm So Cool
Lamour - Sunglass Party
Noys - You Don't Know
Barriers -Stagnate
Beex - Butch
Insinuations - (My Head Is Made Of) U.S. Muscle
Naros - Bo Party
Insinuations - Prompt Critical
Zits - Sick On You
Chumps - Go Go God
Citizen 23 -Janie Has A Black Eye
Raticals - Rock Tonight
Next Of Kin - Wet Dream
Ricky And The White Boys - I'm Stupid