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QCHQ-049: EXISTENCE - Into the Furnace 7"

After an acclaimed demo on Neutral Words Records in 2017, and stand out live shows across Europe, Stockholm's Existence bring you their debut EP 'Into the Furnace' with a signature blend of metallic hardcore and 90s grunge elements on Quality Control HQ. Into the Furnace sees the band explore powerful atmospherics, soaring guitar solos, mixed in with pit-worthy breakdowns. Meanwhile, vocalist Linus, a committed anti-fascist activist in Stockholm, sings about dealing with the consequences of mistakes from the past whilst exploring the Hindu idea of endless reincarnation. This is reflected in the artwork of the EP, which is inspired by the spiritual and hellish paintings of 15th Century Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch.

The 7" comes housed in a full colour gatefold card sleeve!

Check out the promo video for the EP! Promo video by Daniel Elder

Listen to the full 7" coming soon on! Full EP Stream

Release date is 16th June when Existence play Outbreak Fest 16-17th June, with Big Cheese, The Flex and Fury in Leeds, UK. Check it out!: Outbreak Fest 2018